About Us

BankerBay is the world’s first deal origination platform to use a complex algorithmic approach to match middle-market corporates seeking capital with the most relevant providers of capital anywhere in the world. In just a few easy steps, that take 3-5 minutes, BankerBay helps members raise capital, buy and sell companies, locate potential investments and new clients. We use powerful, custom built algorithms and a global network of professionals, to match requirements entered by our members.

BankerBay connects specific opportunities with precision, efficiency and intelligence, enabling buyers and sellers to reach far beyond the traditional boundaries of sectors, geographies and personal networks. It is designed to streamline the location, promotion and analysis efforts of professionals involved in middle-market deal making, while maintaining complete confidentiality about its members.

BankerBay isn’t designed or meant to replace in-person meetings. It is a platform to better source information and opportunities, prior to committing valuable resources further.

Our Team

  • Romesh Jayawickrama

    Founder & CEO

    Romesh is a specialist in emerging markets with over 18 years of Investment Banking experience under his belt. Before starting his IB Advisory business Amura, he was the Head of Equity Sales for CLSA (Singapore), Director of Equities at ING and VP of Equities
    at Nomura (London).

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  • Amlan Mandal


    Amlan is a web & mobile technology geek who just loves building stuff! Before joining BankerBay he worked with Oracle, Yahoo! and asklaila (where he led the engineering), having done his Computer Science B.Tech & M.Tech from IIT Kharagpur.

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