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Byggmax completes acquisition of Skånska Byggvaror from Polaris for $113.6 mln

  • Region:


  • Sector:

    Retailing, Materials

  • Deal Size:

    $113.6 million

  • Buy Side Company:

  • Sell Side Company:

    Polaris Private Equity
  • Target Company:

    Skanska Byggvaror AB

Byggmax has closed its acquisition of Skånska Byggvaror from Polaris Private Equity for SEK 936 million (US$113.6 million). The deal includes the possibility of Skånska Byggvaror receiving an additional payment if the EBITDA in 2016 exceeds a pre-decided sum. Skånska Byggvaror is an online retailer in the do-it-yourself market for refined building material. Byggmax expects the transaction to have a positive impact on its earnings per share. The acquisition of Skånska Byggvaror is financed through increased debt.


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