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Japanese 3D printing firm Kabuku raises $6.1 million Series A

  • Region:


  • Sector:

    Commercial & Professional Services

  • Deal Size:

    $6.1 million

  • Buy Side Company:

    Global Brain Corporation, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Venture Capital, Dentsu Digital Holdings
  • Sell Side Company:

  • Target Company:

Kabuku, a Tokyo-based startup that explores new uses for 3D printing, said it has raised $6.1 million Series A round. The funding was led by Global Brain, Dentsu Digital Holdings, and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance. Kabuku runs Rinkak, an online marketplace that lets makers upload their 3D printed designs and sell them directly to consumers. The Series A capital follows a $3.3 million seed round it announced just three months ago. The company will use its new capital to expand its sales and marketing into new countries.


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