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We Are Changing Investment Banking

Come. Change it With Us.

BankerBay is home to code geeks, investment bankers, designers and most importantly people who are not scared to think differently. No cubicles, no limitations, only ideas - a lot like skydiving through reality.

Employee Testimonials

Every day there is something new to learn when you work with lots of great minds and big techies around. The company is constantly growing, moving forward and is driven by some extremely experienced senior managers. And i really feel proud to be a part of it

I have been with BankerBay for the last 6 months. I love the work culture here. It’s an open, friendly environment where one get to put forward their ideas and opinions. There is something different to learn every day. Since the company is relatively new, we get the chance of going out of our comfort zone & try out new different approaches to make something work that enables us to grow individually as well.

My main motivation for joining BankerBay centered around the incredible growth potential for both myself and the company. The working atmosphere, driven from the dedication of my colleagues, encourages me to perform to my best. What really surprises me is how I’ve been able to learn so much in so less time. BankerBay has been my first experience with the ‘’Corporate World’’ and I simply enjoy it. It really makes me look forward to work everyday.

Perks at BankerBay

There are many things to consider while deciding on your next employer. At BankerBay we present you the chance of working in an environment that lets you build on innovative ideals, implement change and challenge yourself each day.

  • Rewarding Work Ecosystem

    We want everyone who works at BankerBay to feel invested in our success. So, we offer a competitive salary, performance based perks and flexible benefits.

  • Health Insurance

    Health comes first, hence our concern. We cover you and your family members with excellent medical insurance policies.

  • Rest & Relaxation

    We recognize that BankerBayers have a life outside of work and need a break every once in a while. Apart from the 10 national holidays, we offer you good number of paid leaves and flexible work options. Stay fresh, motivated & engaged!

  • In-house Lunch

    We have lunch facility in-house, so that you have piping hot, healthy and delicious fare on your plate every day of the week.

  • Top-of-the-line technology

    We’ll set you up with the best equipment or whatever you need to be productive.

  • Fun & Transparency

    We are a start-up where everyone in the team is equally involved and important to the organisation. We believe in having fun, while working hard. Our in-house foosball table is a testimony to this. We work hard and party harder!