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Confidentiality of member identity and information is our priority. All functionality of our platform revolves around this core value.

Any information you provide us with, through the criteria sheets, or through your profile here, is used only to find you suitable prospects. We do not share this information, or your identity, with other members or third parties. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for a better understanding.

BankerBay does not ask you to make any Material Disclosures while adding your requirements. Please refer to the Material Disclosures Page for a better understanding.
We do not publish your requirements on third party platforms to find you prospects. Any prospects we find you are existing members of BankerBay.

Even when we find you a suitable prospect, we first ask you for authorization to introduce you to the prospect. It is only when you authorize us, do we disclose your identity and introduce you to prospects. Please find out more on the How We Make Introductions Not until we are authorized by you, in writing, do we disclose your information, identity or introduce you to prospects.

This makes BankerBay different from every other finance platform that connects seekers and providers of capital. With us, no sensitive information is requested or distributed.
Furthermore, BankerBay presently does not provide users the option to contact each other. The only party you interact with is BankerBay and its representatives. We do this to ensure your time here is spent meaningfully, and to filter any “market noise” and spam from reaching you. You will only be contacted with suitable prospects that fit your requirements, and by BankerBay only.

Our aim is to make BankerBay a secure, time efficient and effective tool for its members to source deals, capital, new clients and opportunities.