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Material Disclosures

TThis portal and its criteria sheets have been designed to help you find prospects without you having to make any confidential or material disclosures about firms or transactions. BankerBay asks of you the following information, to be able to find you suitable prospects:

Requirment Name

This can be of your choice and does not need to reflect the name of your firm, your client’s firm or the name of a potential investment you are looking to make. It is simply a name you give to your requirement, for our records and yours. You can therefore add requirements and keep all identities anonymous. For instance, if you are looking to raise expansion capital for your manufacturing firm, you can simply name it – Manufacturing Expansion 1.1.

Type of Transaction

You disclose to us the type of transactions you are interested in– namely, debt, equity or Mergers & Acquisitions


We ask you to provide us with the location(s) your transaction is based in, or where you seek to make investments. The locations are country based

Business Sector

You are required to provide the business sector your company, or your client company is in, or in which you seek to make investments

Average Annual Revenue

If you are a capital seeker or a representative of one, you need to provide us with a ballpark understanding of the Average Annual Revenue of your firm or your client's firm, for the past three (3) years. If you are a capital provider, you need to mention the Average Annual Revenue for the past three (3) years you would want your target company to have

Deal Size

To find you suitable prospects, our software needs to know the amount of capital you are looking to raise or invest. This again is a ballpark figure (see example below)

Nature of Company

This field asks you the company type of your/your client/your potential investment - Private, Pre IPO (expecting IPO in under 6 months) or Publicly Traded . If you select Publicly Traded, our software asks for two more inputs
1. Market Capitalization – Average 3 month market capitalization of your/your client/your potential target investment company
2. Stock Exchange(s) – The stock exchange(s) your/your client/your potential target investment company is listed or should be listed on


You have the option to provide a description of upto 2000 words, of your requirement. When we are making a match, we provide this additional information to the prospect to help them better understand your requirement. This is similar to the information you would provide in a "teaser" of your requirement, on a no identity disclosure basis. This is not a mandatory field.


You can use as many tags as you wish to further streamline your description, to give a potential prospect a better understanding

As you will see from the example provided below, a completed criteria sheet contains enough information for us to be able to find you suitable prospects, yet it does not require any material disclosures to be made by you.


I am : A Capital Provider
Name your Requirement : Asia Private Healthcare 1
Type of Transaction : Equity
Location(s): Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, India
Sector(s): Healthcare
Average Annual Revenue : Between $10 and 50 Million
Deal Size : Between $25 and 50 Million
Nature of Company : Privately Held
Description : None provided
Tags : Healthcare, hospitals, medical equipment, medicines, research
These are generic details you have provided and are enough for us to find you suitable prospects.

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